jane i can't believe the new album isn't coming out until october..they've taken long enough 020621
kerry there's a new album coming out? 020622
kerry this is great!! 020622
jane yeah finally...they said late september to's called 'crystal baller' 020624
Sailor Jupiter I have been trying to learn to play "How's It Gonna Be" for 3 months now. The strum is SO hard!
Where we used to laugh there's a shouting match sharp as a thumbnail scratch. A silence I can't ignore like the hammock by the doorway we spent time in swings empty. I don't see lightening last fall when it was always about to hit me.
jane yeah i just made up my own strum 020626
jane third_tears
no reason i don't like them too much, but i like their name 021204
devalis deep_inside_of_you 021205
jane i'm definitely angry.
the new third eye blind cd which i have been waiting for for three years now was supposed to come out in september.
then they changed it to october, then november.
then they decided it would come out february eleventh.
and so i waited waited so patiently until i found out a couple days earlier that they once again postponed the date.

now it's april twenty ninth. can we trust them?
jane well it changed to may 13

and i bought the brand spankin new cd yesterday
it was weird because i haven't bought a cd in a long time
but this one was worth it
strange to hear new third eye blind songs
fall of a sparrow They're getting more sexual with every album.
Still fantastic.
FYI for a limited time, you can buy out of the vein and receive a complimentary dvd featuring the making of some of the songs and a small documentary on the band 030517
jane oh i watched the dvd 030602
jane i'm really mad about vanessa carlton helping with the vocals on self-righteous. it's a beautiful song and she ruins it with her pinchy voice...makes stephan jenkins sound that much better than he already is 030602
endless desire thats vanessa carlton?
hmm didnt know that

i love the cd.
listen to it right now.
its absolutely amazing
(and yes, very sexual)
its one of those cds i just listening to beginning to end.
ive never heard a band with such incredible lyrics
the band just blows my mind
jane burning_man 070815
spoon ! when does it start ?
i'm going to have my own coffee shop in the desert, i mean thats like a dream come true if i can make that work.
lunatic jesus anja_chakra_sightless 080721
mood rings (amy) that song "never let you go"? i like it because the lyrics just don't seem to flow, i have trouble making sense out of them, and that's somehow a relief to me. I've been thinking about the process of letting people go a lot lately, and it's got to be one of the hardest things (until the next person shows up) demonstrated by the incomprehensibility of this song (at least to me) i like the song, but i must be listening to lyrics too closely!

(yet another logistical_problem with being to sick to socialize for too many years....)
. kookaburra? 091230
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