ClairE Yay! Thank you, Eve_Ensler! 011213
DannyH woman_nag
girl_jane I hear it's going to be at the Ordway this fall. I've read it, but not seen it. I'd like to see this. 020609
Kate Earlier this school year my mother planned on taking her best friend Marilyn, and then Tracee and I to go see it when it came to Cleveland. She changed her mind about bringing me and Tracee. She and Marilyn went to see it and Marilyn loved it and my mother hated it. My mother stepped outside of her box that day. 020610
sabbie i wonder if it stems from growing up with a feminist mother

but i read the book and didnt see anything new.

you know, they get all fuzzy about the sisterhood but you cant lump all females onto the same team jsut cos their lumpy bits look kinda similar. girls will leap to fuck over girls just as much as boys will.

but maybe im just old and cynical
dru Are you lesbians or women haters? 040614
witchesrequiem my girl tiff got to preform 25 diffrent orgasms.... And she pulled it off I WAS IMPRESSED! 040615
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