:..S e e d S.:...o f...:.L i g h T..: The struggles of life contain purpose.

Your life, in essence, is an obstacle course. It is your duty to drive down the roads of destiny while trying not to knock over the cones of error.

You will hit many cones. Each time you do, you will carry with you the knowledge of the experience, and the lesson of how not to hit that cone ever again.

This road is designed so that you will keep knocking over the cone until you learn the lesson of how not to knock it over.

If you heed these lessons, you will eventually become excellent at not hitting any cones i.e. making any mistakes.

If you heed the lessons you learn by listening to others, then you can avoid knocking over many cones on your way down the road.

If you never made any mistakes, you would never learn anything, and thus those who say they don't make mistakes are really saying they haven't learned anything.
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unhinged are like dirty dishes
get one sink full clean
and another is sure to arise

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