god (bosco, sit down) 020401
paste! from the roof and into your great wide metacarpals 020401
blueberry "The Pudding Song (Sung to the tune of 'Frere Jacques'

Pudding pudding,
I eat pudding for dessert 'til it hurts
when it rains vanilla I get my umbrella
Sit and watch butterscotch
I take a walk right in my pudding
What a treat for my feet

Then I lose my footing
Fall donw in the pudding
What a mess on my dress
Mommy says i can't have pudding anymore
'Cause I'm four!

who've ever thunk it?
I'd get stuck with junkit
No more pudding, no more pudding"
sphinxradio call me when it starts raining chocolate pudding and then i'll sing with you.
even though chocolate doesn't rhyme with anything. we'll think of something.
Casey It always goes straight to my thighs. 020402
bethany PUDDING IN A CAN 020402
blueberry It's weird, I know. But I freak out about pudding. I hate it. I despise it. If you put it near me, I will run. If I smell it I will want to puke.

At camp, there would be dozens of big pudding surving bowls that I would have to scoop out when dessert was done, and it would be easiest to do with my bare hands. For some reason I could do that, because my job was just that awful I had to put myself in a whole different mindset, create like a new personality.

We only had a dish sanitizer & not a washer but guess who figured out the heat of the sanitizer would melt the pudding off?

Guess who is an innovative, lazy kitchen aid?
vanilla PUDDING ROX!!! My frined kept singing the pudding song at camp n I couldn't get it outta my head. I was bored 2day so I searched 4 it...she 4got one of the verses.

***She sings it in a baby's really cute!!!
Dafremen see also: zingers 030829
Daf er... zinger 030829
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