dafremen This is a song to take you there
it is the song of everything
it's the song you had in mind
but had forgotten how to sing
this is the song of rain and sunlight
a touch upon your face
this song is wonderful
a tragedy
this song's the human race
this song is all the death and tragedy
we ever thought to grieve
this is a song about the breeze that brings
the smell of burning leaves
this is a stranger's dying meal
a song of summer days
This is the song that calls the honey bees
to flowers upon the way
it is the song of children laughing
and the fields that praise the spring
it's the heart of the divine
within the heart of everything
this is the sound of newborns crying
of the pain of being real
It is the sound of lovers loving
and the loneliness they feel
this is the sound of soldiers
marching off with dear ones on their minds
it's the sound of every photograph
they've ever left behind
it's the sound of all that we embrace
and everything we fear
the sound of all the little cherished things
that ever coaxed a tear
it is the sound of letters bursting with
the words we cannot find
it is the sound of all that matters in
the heart of the divine.
In_Bloom *coaxes a tear*
what's it to you?
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