proud no one disdains the proud when they feel proud themselves 100706
unhinged photographic_memory

'i don't do well with the male_ego'
and he laughed

i met the best punk boy
and kissed him
Lemon_Soda Gold.

You gave him gold.

I have read your words.

I hope he knows gold when he has tasted it.
unhinged aw. thanks.

we'll see how he acts the next time i see him.

the last boy i truly loved
was so fucking proud and depressed
that he broke_up with me
because he didn't get it and
i couldn't explain it
that because i didn't need him to take care of me
he couldn't understand why i wanted him around
i couldn't explain it
he was taking care of me
of my heart
my lonely_lonely fucking heart
that he smashed into a million pieces
when he threw it away

'men like to feel needed'
what's it to you?
who go