read govern_themselves we_make_our_own this_way we_want_peace may_peace_prevail_on_earth O_u r USA system is becoming_perfect as it reveals how very imperfect people can be. It is a self_correcting_system, competition_of_awake. in_relentless_pursuit it_pays_to_be_a_winner be_someone_special hit_it_from_all_angles see_much_study_much_suffer_much corruption_will_not_do ignorance_will_not_do know_you're_as_good and become_better out_of_the_many fallen_empires we_all do whatever_it_takes to_become the best_of_the_best_of_the_best choose_willingly or be_dragged_by_you're_nuts get_insane go_where_you_dared_not_and_win what's_important_now why_are_you_running_away Love is timeless, dancing in and out of dreams. 120325
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