dafremen Two horses, (or dogs, pigs, hamsters, syphilitic goats, etc) intersection, no stop signs, no traffic signals, no problem.

Two people, intersection, no stop signs, no traffic signals, uh oh.
dafremen Only the human race is capable of THIS stupidity:

Mark: "So there we were..and I told her...'Hey this isn't what we talked about..."

Chris: "Wait a minute, I thought you said she wasn't there.."

Mark: "No I said she wasn't there when I got back."

Chris: "I'm pretty sure you said that she wasn't there."

Mark: "Look man, I know what I said! I wouldn't have said that she wasn't there...because she was..but it was after I showed up."

Chris: "Whatever know what you said and you said that she wasn't there."

Mark: "Ok, f--- this..I'm outta here.."

Chris: "Fine!"

(Hey guys..whatever happened to the story?! *sigh*..brilliant..simply f---ing GENIUS.)
dafremen Number One: "I'm miserable..and a lifetime of chasing after meaningless crap hasn't made me any happier."

Number Two: "This endless back and forth to a dead end job from a boring, empty box with windows is killing me on the inside."

Number Three: "Our politicians are out of control! Someone should do something about those money-grubbing dirtbags!"

Number 4 (trying to be helpful): "Well..let's all get together and change things! We've talked about the problems lets find some solutions."

Numbers One, Two & Three (in unison): "Kill him!"
daf This shit STILL makes no sense. 110804
daf And THIS is why the cheddar burger argument annoyed me so much, Phil.

It wasn't a tactic. It is a lifetime of these tedious arguments about trivialities. And I've spent so much time doing this myself that of course I'll engage, of course I'll try not to be a complete dick about it. I'll try to be "normal", like you are.

But I'm not "normal" and these arguments are stupid and a waste of time. They accomplish nothing except serve as little pecking order adjustment events. They are another example of how we posture and compete and tremble like leaves in a breeze over nothings.

Making mistakes is a badge of honor for me. Being wrong is something I accomplish successfully, often. How, after all of this time, you could think this was about beyond me. And how you could send a friend packing over a stupid argument about a cheddar burger, particularly after I admitted you were right (followed by my somewhat pissy remark "And what did we accomplish by determining that I was wrong about the Cheddar Burger?") and particularly when you knew the straits we were in this week, is a bit beyond me..but you're my friend. Who am I to question what you choose to be if you are a good person? As for taking that crap because we are in hard straits, no I will not suck it up for a dollar. Again, you should know me better than that.

This writing represents my purging of the matter. If you wish to bring it up, I'll tell you to come to this page, read..and let it rest.

If you keep harping on it, I think you know me well enough to know where that ends us up. A real shame to end a good friendship over a Cheddar Burger dispute. Wouldn't you say? I love you like a brother, man. Still got your back.
dafremen "Hey man! Whatcha doin?"

"Not much. in the moment. You should try it. It's a real stress reliever. Forget the schedule and just be this moment."

"Cool. Sounds relaxing. So what are you moment?"

"Just chillin..and figuring out my next move."
dafremen This is the day we celebrate by repeatedly demonstrating to our children that sometimes its ok to lie. Especially if it's to alter reality, like say..creating the illusion of and a back story for a magical rabbit who goes around the world hiding hard boiled eggs in everyone's house who celebrates this momentous day! This makes perfect sense, since children learning to manipulate reality with lies is what created the corrupt priesthood which had an innocent man butchered by the state for speaking the Truth about the immortality of all humans, the universal accessibility of God to everyone and the illusory nature of death. Why do we CELEBRATE the murder of an innocent man you ask? Because you can't have a murder without a body, so "YAY!" A little more lies, a little more manipulation and its like butchering people is almost a good thing! So happy friggin Easter brothers and sisters. A day to celebrate the murderous insanity which keeps us all toiling for man gods instead of living in perfect happiness forever. Yay! : ) 120408
dafremen "I need a second job, or I won't be able to make the payments on all of these labor saving conveniences!" 120605
dafremen The Media/State/Business Lawyers:

"Well, where were the parents?"

Out working two jobs like you said they needed to in order to put their kids through college like you said they needed to.

Out working four SHITTY jobs because you let our manufacturing base and our retail supplier base get sold out to overseas interests for a profit.

Out working those FUCK-ALL jobs to buy their kids all of the things they want like the ads said they should and the nagging that the kids do because the ads said they should (or seemed to because it was suggested, said or subliminally bombed into their brains that they needed to do these things.)

That's where the parents were.
dafremen On our planet, we like to ingest poison because it alters our perceptions..not necessarily for the better.

This habit of ingesting things we shouldn't to avoid reality leads to some really, BRILLIANT thoughts.

For instance:

We drink to get drunk. We also generally value our money and don't want to spend more of it than we have to to get what is desired..that being..DRUNK(in this case.)

And yet, unfailingly, we will insult and make fun of people who are able to achieve the desired effect for cheaper.

"You f-ckin lightweight."

In other words, fuck the fact that you've been successful in getting high. Fuck the fact that you were able to get drunk while spending less money. Yes, we value getting high. Yes we value saving money. But for SOME reason, (which we hadn't really thought be honest) doing both at the same time makes you a pansy loser worthy of a little trash talking.

P.S. I'm stuck in this sanitarium that doesn't know it's crazy. Help! Please!
Doar Daf, here is some inanities.

"Slow down dude, breathe in the good and breathe out the bad....just slow it down dude".

Heard it, watched it, and even did it.


oh sorry I have a short attention were talking about something

Salt sometimes cannot be salt.

dafremen Even the simplest of creatures knows to leave the area when it becomes inhospitable. Not us. Not the mighty human being. We would rather squat in little heated cubes for a third of our lives than move to a more temperate climate or consider a migratory lifestyle. 130123
daf see also: the_right_to_crow_come_morning 130426
dafremen See also: financial_freedom 130901
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