yoink i arranged some words on a page in my head
i've been trying to describe
an unreciprocated love
that you have just knocked dead

it's like going to drive your favorite car,
and the tires have gone flat
or seeing your favorite supermodel
has only gotten fat

your touch made me shiver, your eyes were so sublime
but to find out you only felt sorry for me was just a matter of time...

i told you that
i was paranoid, freaked out to the core
you told me that
it wasn't right, that _you_ liked _me_ even more

but then i sat in the driver's seat
and i drove around til 10,
i never got that phone call
just my worry, a carcinogen

here i am bored again, and i'm wishing i was stoned
my creativity's at its worst and my dick is all alone

now in my bedroom, all the lights are on
i'm wishing i was way too drunk, to know that you were gone
instead i'm sober and sweaty, and sitting in this hole

all the while i wish i could say
to your face
that you aren't worth it, "mole"
what's it to you?
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