girl_jane They'll be my first 'real' show, and I'll be going with one of my favorite boys, Bobby, who told me about the show and who got my ticket for me and who will be home tonight.

And that other boy is jealous-I'll tell you if they sang I'll Catch You.
unhinged i am already jealous enough 021125
girl_jane I'm in Iowa City staying at Bobby's place. Tonight is the night of the show-we were in a record store today. I was looking around, and I heard Bobby talking to somebody and looked over. He motioned for me to join the people he was talking to. It was two members from the get up kids-Jame Dewees and Jim Suptia. We saw them again a few minutes later in another record store. I'm such a horrible fan-I didn't even recognize them... I guess I listen more than I pay attention to their pictures... 021215
silentbob see also getupkids and the_getup_kids 030116
unhinged and get_up_kids 030116
megan megan's song :) 030117
silentbob i met the one guy
the guy who is also in reggie and the full effect
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