Mahayana as seen from earth
the moon and the sun are equal in size

[the left eye of heaven]


[the right eye of heaven]
god The last five years has seen a number of new entrants in the Indian Car Market. Today most of the international giants of the industry have a presence in the country, offering India-specific models. Although the quality-gap between the cars available in and out-side India is decreasing, the domestic industry may still have some catching up to do. That the total number of cars in India roughly equals those sold by General Motors - USA alone gives a perspective of the Indian Car Industry. 020617
god like headlights, those eyes. 020617
Dafremen Would that we felt the true scale of those eyes, saw the true scale of those enormous eyes bearing down on us. Perhaps we would be humbled, perhaps we would understand the true miracle that it is to be looked down upon and appreciate it. 020618
whitechocolatewalrus the eyes of heaven
are big and blue
blue to almost black
they search here
till they find what they will find
will they find me?
will they find you?
the eyes of heaven are here
the eyes of heaven are there
the eyes of heaven are everywhere
don't run for cover
there is nothing you can do
to save yourself
. . 040114
what's it to you?
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