unhinged and afterwards it is calm
like bliss

unhinged new_ink

d mountains make you calm... especially if everyone else is calm too.... it's a positive ripple.

if only people would slow down a little and be in the moment more.

i have difficulty with it too sometimes because society and life in general seems so demanding so complicated when it could be so simple.

stress causes so many different types of diseases including cancer.
Lemon_Soda Pain is too good a teacher to say we arn't supposed to experience it on a regular basis. Pain is for enduring. It either ends or it doesn't. Don't rue it or dismiss, dance with it. Put yourself through the painful things you choose and the painful ones you don't will avoid you, or atleast, not seem so bad. Remember, everytime you experience pain, your setting yourself up for the joy that comes when the pain is over. 070423
unhinged physical pain only
there is a flood of calm afterwards
some would say chemicals in my brain
my happiness just chemicals in my brain
on pain and ink

emotional and mental pain are deluded
they obscure the path
purified through meditation
i sit
i visualize
i dedicate
i chant
i practice
but afterwards i am not calm

bring me a kind of bliss
like nothing else
there is nothing else
empty of everything else
but this all_pervading calm
they are my children
art i carry everywhere with me
a reason for a girl like me
to admire herself naked

i stood at the busstop
in the sunshine
and the afterwards bliss
invaded me
it was all there was
i could feel all the molecules around me
filled with wonder
in a way that my anxiety_ridden heart
is never calm
i was awake to the beauty of the world
that is usually covered in the delusions
of my suffering
i was awake
even for just a second

They call me Truth a new air envelops the old, develops, unfolds, persuasive in its touch, evasive oh so much, in us, we fuss, we damage, we pillage, we trust, delivers from rivers of lust and reminds that time is both real and lost, both steam and frost, both freedom and cost. its simple yet complex, both abstinence and sex, both joy and pain. for in all there was and all there will be it remains, it drains, and replenishes,it kills and brings life, it stops and starts, it begins and ends, it begins again.
but drifting through this world, piercing the air, making insignificant ripples and realizing everchanging truths is all part of the illusion, the lower part of the higher purpose, creating anew in each moment a fight to fight, and a struggle to overcome, as if one existed in the first place, crippling and rehabilitating, to cripple again: the process.
deep tears, deep cries, deep revelation, depth dies.
the enlightenment of pain
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