jamie my 3 friends and I all have jobs that in some way require sitting and watching a desk. Usually we sit for long periods of time and do nothing. we read, we play online games, we chat. we do random things. none of which actually pertain to the job for which we are employed. anyway, we've decided to keep a log of our seated journeys and i will keep mine here. they might too. who knows.

we go to carnegie mellon university and we all have very fun jobs:

one of us works at the front desk in a dorm. she has to make keys for people sometimes, but she usually just sits and watches movies on her laptop when she isnt busy buzzing people in.

one of us works at the equipment desk for the gym. she has to fold towels and take people's id cards and give them wristbands. she usually cant handle the excitement, but once she calms down she will talk on aim or stare into space.

the other two of us work in the same library doing the same thing but on opposite nights. sometimes we have to shelve books. sometimes we have to straighten the shelves of books. sometimes we have to read the call numbers of the shelves of books to make sure theyre in order. but most of the time we sit at the desk. she reads and studies for her summer class, while i sit and read sometimes and talk on aim and blathe. what exciting lives we lead. so to begin the chronicles, i will share today's activities thus far...

first, i sat at the computer and read some blather. then i straightened the books on some shelves for an hour. and then i read my book. and now im having various aim conversations.

if anyone has any ideas of what some fun seated activities are, or if you want to say hi to us on our seated journeys, blathe back. let us know youre out there.
carly today's movie: Incident at Loch Ness clever, but only slightly better than googling me and everyone i know (which is probably what i would have done had i not watched it)
number of people interacted with in the past three hours:6
listening to: xm radio
book:Howards End
Lemon_Soda I too, am bound to a desk. I suspect this will change over time, as realty is a get up and go job as much as a sit and type. Lately its all been right here though.

I pretty much blathe and check my email between posts, though I occasionally look at starwars sites I've already seen twenty million times.

I like to read my dictionary to.
misstree abuse your library card
there are faboo book recommendations around here somewheres
and deviantart dot com is yummy brainwaste
and doodle; it's an interesting window and outlet
and i remember how well you used to draw;
but don't try to be the artist that you used to.
just remember that you have the gift
and let it manifest as it wants to
and don't be afraid of making useless things
and learn how to fold a paper crane
and mail some to me in my new home
(they're light, and cheap to ship)
and send me a drawing
and do butt exercises
and just shine, babe,
you do it so well
killrhythm yet again caught behind the 4 legs of a desk. this time i actually have work to do, which is regrettable. i would much rather be reading. but, alas, thats life and i have to make copies and i have to check out books and i have to mail things.

the list never ends

(this is jamie by the way, in case you guys didnt recognize the posting name)
z 050603
skyburst777 . 050603
mishajoy Jamie tells me that I'm a bad chronicler because I haven't posted anything yet. So here it is, the excitement of working at a desk. Today is a boring day because no one works out on Sundays. Mostly people playing squash or racquetball and getting angry at me because apparently I'm responsible for some of the courts not being open because they are being refinished.

Generally, I read or talk on AIM. But today I brought crackers to eat. I'm not allowed to eat at the desk but no one yells at me, that's what I get for working the morning shift. It's hot out today so I know the pool will probably be busy later.
killrhythm scan scan scan

thats my life today. i sure as hell didnt want to come to work on my day of rest. but i need to make up hours.

so it is...
mishajoy I find myself once again sitting behind a desk doing virtually nothing. It was so busy when I came in for work. But after pool closed everyone went away. I like when it's slow because then I can read my book. Currently, I am reading Prep, which is very long but very good. I can also listen to music. Right now there is a cop sitting at the desk with me. I'm not sure why. We haven't spoken except for when he said something after I sneezed and then I said thank you. After work I'm going to pick up Jamie at work and escort her home. And off to work I go. 050606
killrhythm so here i am at the desk. i read for a while. im reading I love Everybody (and other atrocious lies) by laurie notaro. its a good read. i love it because she is an angry sarcastic world lover like me. and it makes me happy that others in this world feel the same way as i do.

i was behind a desk for a while earlier at my other job today as well. data input. cant get any more exciting than that.

back to reading.
killrhythm girls i know, click this -- twins 050607
mishajoy Another day and I find myself sitting once again behind a desk. All my desk worker friends however are going on vacation this week to the beach. I however will be right here working away.
It's still too early for anything super exciting to happen. However today's color is hot pink. Which means it's going be a good day today. So far, I've made a list of things that need doing, picked out some more movies to watch and paid some bills. I also counted how many pennies I currently have with me. Yeah that's right, 49. With a quarter that's exactly enough to buy the two stamps I need to mail my bills. Victory is mine!
thieums Captain's log, stardate 2109-02-11

I seem to be trapped again in the Desk dimension again. My buttocks are stuck to a chair, and my hands are frenetically typing on an average-sized keyboard, early 21th century style. I am surrounded by hostiles. They are asking me to create "websites." I evade their attack by mercilessly surfing on this "internet" network connected to my keyboard by a displaying appartus. I can't seem to find Scotty in any of my online contacts and can't ask him to beam me up.

Scotty, if you ever read this message, THINK ABOUT ME DAMMIT, I've been stuck here for 4 years now! Please please pleaaaase...
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