Twizt who are you? 011118
pralines&cream I'd like to know as well. Whoever they are, they're like the God of blather. We are like the newly created humans. We ask who God is, why He made this world. The next generations of blatherers will deny their creator, insisting that the blather_world has always been, or was simply made by chance when some megabytes and gigabytes accidentally bumped heads; then, the blather_god will be forgotten ... But on earth, they're just another computer nerd like the rest of us. 011118
whoknows ? 011118
satan satan satan Sage

(although i believe Dallas had a hand in it too)


the blue world is 3 years old and change

paste! pretty damn close to the lightning. he's awake right now. 011119
Kleh Ver ~

In the beginning was the word,
and the word was with blather,
and the word was blather.
The word was with blather in the beginning.

Jeca has sage ever spoken here? (and how do you know all this, devil? after the whole bit with candy corn i'm beginning to believe there may be more to you than i gave credit for) 021029
ol skul gurl ren sage, dallas and others from headquarters have 'spoken' here numerous times. the site was dallas' idea, but sage created it, or so the story goes. the site was born in August 1998. all of this information can be obtained from the topic 'blather'. there is more to sage than meets the eye. you should check out his dream pages (personal website). 021030
User24 thisisblather 030407
megan my paper explains all of this.
i have an interview with dallas in it.
when i finish my paper, i might post it on here.
if you want a copy e-mailed to you, e-mail me.
i believe megans_blather_paper 040129
... everyone 040215
meta meta 101027
h|s|g Can do a lot with much simplicity. Brilliant! 101027
sage_and_dallas 101028
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