j_blue slang term for san_francisco

there are various other places referred to in this way:



eurythmics i guess it's just a feeling 001222
jennifer "if we were going to play country... we wouldn't have called it the city" 001222
lothar of the hill people and i've heard new york called the same thing, as if it were the only city in the world. in soho the snobs say "you're either from The City or you're nobody, darling. I'm sorry, but that' s just the way it is." 010614
j_blue the real city isnt like that

we just say the_city, and are glad to be here

if you arent here, then it sucks to be you, but it doesnt reflect on your value or usefulness as a person or anything...
Photophobe I miss the weekend trips to the city from high school. Dane and Gareth and Jeremy and I would go in, every week. We worked perfectly as a group... we all relate on different levels. I talk to Dane about life and love. While Jeremy talks to Gareth about ____. I talk to Gareth about comedy. We're so sill y together. While Dane talks to Jeremy about ____. Jeremy talks to me about fireballs and computer games and everything cool and boyish. While Gareth talks to Dane about ____.

Everytime we run out of things to say, we all rotate. And we laugh and run around looking at cool books, playing stupid arcade games, eating grotty food and living.

We're all too grown up to do that now. I'm sure if Jez called me now and asked if I wanted to go to the city, I'd proabably say "and do what?"

The city used to be our favourate activity. Now its just a good place to catch buses from.
Aragorn Minas Tirith, Gondor 010731
nom the farm the town the city 070112
type CM (ul) besieged, charles bukowski 070113
"The" Man _.__t__h_e__t_HeTHetHETHETh_Eth_e_t__h__._

It's the_skyline!
past fembots 100111
Beautiful Sf_shirts 150218
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