User24 painful gushes
dripping down
as raindrops bleeding
from broken clouds

those warring gods named Id and Ego
clash at Psyche's home,
once Arcadia, now ravaged by Abaddon.
helpless anger fuels a bitter feud

the storm breaks, crashes, burns
in violent fury, screaming outrage
your drenched face fires poisoned darts in a bitter thrust of wild rage.

the thunder fades as the battle is done, a bloody skirmish around a wartorn land - you silently retreat in shock, and await the aftermath.

The inner lacerations of the attack work their way deeper toward your heart,
the parasitic emotions rise from Hell,
sorrow, bitterness, anger and regret.

The full force of Odin's wild hunt channels into one point through your body,
a harbinger of your possible future,
the power fills your breath with adrenaline and if your defences fail, you will lose your sense to unknown demons.

cry not. Cry Not! I beseech you! take courage and stand upright, turn to face the apocalyptic forces that ravage through your weakened mind, have strength and resist all evil!

for after this moment, it is only you who can turn the dread riders back

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