Lemon_Soda Not You.

Go away.

You stink.

Your undesirable.

Too plain.

You suck.

Curl up and die.

Not Acceptable.






Straighten up.

Thats not what I was expecting from you.

Why don't you listen?

Be normal.

Act your age.

Grow up.

Work harder.

Do more.

Chin up.

Suck it up.

Take it.

Turn the other cheek.

You can't.

How would you know?

Back off.

Butt out.

Shut your mouth.

Be silent.

Your crazy.

Are you insane?

Get ahold of yourself.

It just isn't done.

Have some decorum.

Really, is that neccisary?

Think before you act.

Nobody cares.

Are you listening to me?

Pay attention.

PLEASE...just...leave me alone.
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.fallen the voice that gently yet firmly places it's hand on my shoulder and gently ... yet firmly ... tells me that everything will be o.k. ..... it tells me I know where to get the gun ... it tells me not to worry about the mess ... nobody will have to clean up the mess .... all I need is a tarp ..... it tells me to go get a tarp and everything will be o.k. .... this voice is not welcome it slipped in and caught me unawares .... the voice is seductive .... and goes against everything I believe in .... it frightens me ... sometimes ... sometimes I want to listen to it .... so simple really ... everything will be o.k., all you need to do is go get a tarp .... so scared of this voice ... don't like being alone with my thoughts so much anymore ... 040227
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