atmosphere I wanna follow the footprints across my lover's stomach
I wanna call out her name before I plummet
I wish I had a map of the terrain so I could step around the landmines,
Avoid the beasts under the bed that bring they bad times
I wanna find this here so-called treasure:
The pleasure, the trinkets, the never-ending weekends
Acknowledging that I'm still just a piece of the sequence
But seeing these different footprints got me needin' to show my weakness

Timelines, the time zones
I cross them with my eyes closed
Memorize the landmarks and learn the cycles
The weather patterns how the seasons affect
The east and the west of each region learn the cycles
Forget about the fact that
Many trails have been tracked
Maybe it's a plus that there's a path
If this was some uncharted land I'd have to be a smarter man
Willing to travel the farthest to unravel the harvest
The natural resources are unlimited
Exploration only requires some desire and initiative
Take your time and find the right way to climb
It ain't safe to play games with natures mind

And if I could show you, you would never leave it..

I wanna ride a train up my lover's arm
Stop off at the brain to climb out and find out what's going on
Cut through trees and ride through rocks
And synchronize the universal sundial to my watch
I've seen a lot
But not
Quite as much as her
To top it off the memory and the imagination blur
I know she's been put through hell
I can feel it
And I know she's touched heaven as well
Trying to steal it
It came on and it taught her its song
Strung her along and it caught her when that guard was gone
Now to the break of dawn she's tryin' to feel that fix
And all the family and friends is trying to seal them lips
I'm not dumb
I can hear that train come from miles away
I'm setting obstacles to stop the arrival
Gonna blow up the iron and wood road
From what I understood those be the orifice of its survival
My recital
Yet another tantrum
Because she's highly excitable
Swinging moods at random
No happy endings always off to a bad start
Voyeuristic to the trackmarks...

And if I could show you, you would never leave it..
what's it to you?
who go