megan i wish you would understand.
i really do love you.
i don't want to have sex.
i'm different... very different.
sometimes i miss my great grandpa.
i tear up at hallmark commercials.
i get angry with my friends a lot.
time isn't enough.
sometimes people online annoy the heck out of me.
telemarketers make me laugh.
i want a hug.
i spy on you and am jealous.
i wish you'd go away sometimes.
Jesus loves you.
p2 can be seen in my eyes 021231
unhinged all lays right here 021231
notsayingit if you cared you'd be here
i get hung up
which is why i should avoid falling in love
i feel stupid
but i think what you're doing is even more stupid
so come here now, godfuckingdamnit!
well well. gotta love those people who say everything and nothing, and then autpmatically add "jesus loves you" at the end of it. 030101
damn typos automatically* 030101
megan don't you though? 030101
what's it to you?
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