blueberries for you you sit with that relaxed grin on your face and spin the globe on your finger. with the other hand you increase the velocity until one finger is extended and by friction bring it to a stop at the undiscovered country of your misguided fortune.

you pack your heart and soul into an expensive italian leather satchel and blow me a kiss from the ship's railing. off you go to prove the world is not flat.

take me with you. i sigh and turn away as the boat slips across the horizon, lost in time.

it is every week that my mailbox spills open colorful postcards with exotic stamps, fragrant letters, fotos of people i saw in dreams when i was a child.

you are seeing things for the first time. i am here calling your name. everything i feel, i feel for you.

return to me.
celestias_shadow i saw it in the instant
when dawn touched the horizon
it shimmered
and then disappeared
as the sun rose
the alarm clocks rang
and reality returned
what's it to you?
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