lokkust a death-defying leap into the judiciary stranglehold on fate. 000908
guitar_freak the best music video ever created
(Rage Against the Machine)
silentbob Yes. Too True.
my sister bought me the RATM single for my birthday. fun stuff. kmart purchase
guitar_freak kmart rocks 001118
Strideo except for martha_stewart, she is evil
Doar break dance 050815
z suicidal tendencies 060630
phil Edict: Everyone BUY MARSHMALLOWS!
Preacher: Replace by God.
People: What is God?
Satan: God doesn't need you.
People: Does God care?
God: Is God a person?
Preacher: Does God change?
Jesus: When you stop thinking of God you have a hard time.
LSD: Is he?
Buddha: Can anyone have emptiness?
Ozzy: Does this make one a good singer?
Roman: Hey you there, celebrating, wtf?
Jesus: God.
Roman: Grrr.
Jesus: Ugh...
Roman: (celebrating)
Jesus: ahhhh!
Roman: Run away! Run away!
Jesus: rofl
People: Bomb Israel!
Jesus: Wtf?
God: Launch God of War! (G.W.)
Roman: Thrusters... burning...ugh.
People: (revolting) boo.
Jesus: Cloud 9 to mission control. Do you copy?
Satan: Bwaaahaahaaha!
People: (burning and screaming) run away! run away!
Jesus: hxor!
World: (the end)
God: You have been hacked !0!
Jesus: Roman, kill those zhombies!
Roman: (doom 4)
Satan/God: My minions!
Ozzy: (rising from dead transforming into Cyborg Demi-God)
G.W.: We hacked ex. yo' momma
Satan/God: (scene change: oblivion)
"Water World 2": Mario Bros. Style
All: Yay.
Buddha and LSD: (waving like in Star Wars)
roll cred.s
(amazing music)

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