paste! the way that she slices limes is uncanny,
but not impossible, itís the angles.
in her hand she now holds my heart they would say,
but Iím gonna call it my fuckin museum cause sometimes
theyíre identical.
ClairE Once I got to yacht down the Hudson.

I thought I was pregnant at the time.

That made for some interesting thinking.

In_between all the worrying, I looked at the verdant valley, and mountains, and thought about Dutch things and Hendrick_Hudson and being allowed to discover a new land.

I want my own territory.

When I was young I searched all over my house one day for some. My room was not enough. In books they always had a secret cubbyhole, or at least a nice window_seat.

I turned two futons on end to make a room. It lasted about an hour until my parents asked me to take it down so they could watch television.

I think that is what the American_dream is all about. Not necessarily conformity, but owning your very own white_picket_fenced house. To rule a domain where everything turns out right.

Places are important to people.
what's it to you?
who go