Ter DUDE, I'm 1337 031223
ter d00d
h0rD3 W33n!!!
Ter Sing to me this lullaby
Soothe the pain so I can die
I thought that up myself, I think
Ter I'm thinking about making this my journal. Or a diary. They're boththe same thing right? I fell like all of my thoughts and problems will make me explode unless I talk about them. And no one knows who I am here. Expecially since no one else is from Corvallis, Oregon; Right? But I won't start if noone wants to hear another teenager whining about how the world hates them. But what else are you gonna use the word Ter for? As I know it; Ter is the name of my alter ego. Whenever I don't want people to know who I am I'm Ter. Origionally he was the name of my half-elven D&D Bard, Teryn Luin Dragmire, Thats my e-mail adress. My best friend then named his character Seryn Dragmire, Ser and Ter were twins. Ter could talk his way out of problems and Ser could judo his way out of problems. Perfect team. Later Ter became me. Every writing project at school had Ter and every time I did anything I was Ter. Ter is the coolest kid I know. I am Ter. 040820
Ter i'll check back in three days 040820
shivers if this is your journal/diary... are other ppl allowed to put comments in here? i wouldnt worry about whether others want to hear u complain or not, thats what blather is for. at least in my case. i love to bith and whine here. its like my "release". wow, im rambling. again. 040820
Doar The only people with authority to say no Ter, haven't so far. So go for it. 040820
Ter SCORE! Or not. My name is . . . Ter. So I won't have any stalkers I'll go by Ter.And if you can figure out who I am by these little things then you deserve to stalk me. . .or something. I was born Feburary 13, 1990.Making me 14. I'm the youngest of four, 16 year old brother, "froidricht"; 19 year old sister"katrina"; and 18 year old brother"barbarian". I live in Corvallis, Oregon. My sister attends the local comunity college, LBCC. Barbarian goes to UPS up near Seattle, Washington. My dad works at HP and my mom is a secratary for a real estate agent. I was born in Portland, lived in Vancouver for 5 years then moved to Spain, I lived there for 3 years then moved to Corvallis. I've lived here ever since. I have two cats, two fish and a stone head named Beau. Hmmmm. If you want to know something about me, just ask. . . 040824
Ter My father no longer thinks im an utter failure, i want to go to sleep and never wake up. 040830
Ter today sucked. 040830
Ter well im a horrible person
absolutely horrible
been about half a year since i updated

ill do it more often
i promise
Ter OK so last night I went to a corn maze with my youth group. Man I'm so brave I didn't scream like a girl this time. Plus I got to link arms with molly. Always a plus. Anyways, from my avid readers i need advice. There are these two girls that like me. Their both really nice. Their both pretty hot. They go to two different schools in town. Bree (one of them) is a bit more nice, goes to my school and went with me to homecoming (but only as friends), the only problem with bree is that shes mormon so we cant really date. Kayla (the other girl) is . . .ummm. . .really top heavy, In other words she has a great rack. I talk to her more and shes a bit more outgoing. She talks to me all the time and i met her for the first time about 4 days ago. We've talked online for about a couple weeks and weve really opened up to each other. I need to decide who to choose. Both isnt an option because they met each other a while back. if they find out that i like them both then im in a world of shit. i really need some help. PLEASE! 041028
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