Temporary Enemy of Daf [Yep. I'm using my first ever deliberate double-post. I posted this also on the "daf" page.]

What you did on the "Zeke" blathe was really very juvenille, but you cannot see it because you are BLIND. You said yourself that you were choosing not to read the entry there. Well, well, well. Ignorance is bliss, isn't it.

I don't really care whether or not you read this. I am blathing this for the sneering entertainment of everyone else.

After all, Roger Dafremen, closing your eyes won't change the fact that you haven't learned to construct cohesive rebuttals, and are guilty of most of the faults you proclaim in others. This is true of many people, but they don't constantly preach nor do they go about starting fires here.

It is clear that you rely on name-calling as a substitution for mature discussion. You seem to enjoy claiming that your incendiary words are really meant as part of some scheme, but I don't think anyone really buys that. We are not stupid. You are not the only person here with a brain, but you lost sight of that long ago, didn't you.

Your "tactics" accomplish nothing. You have won no converts, nor any major battles. You have driven more people away from, say, Astrology, than you have brought to it.

Many others here have learned from one another but you appear unable to do this. You just want people to learn from you... alas, you have so little to teach, except by way of a frightful example of what not to be. Furthermore you display such a severe disregard for the feelings and opinions of most others here that I must caution you against visiting a psychologist lest you be christened a psychopath.

You are the preachiest of the preachy, yet you do not follow your own advice.

You are clearly desperate for attention, so here I am, giving you some. Here is a bunch of negative attention. You have, by far, the most problematic and over-inflated ego of anyone here. Spare us this crap about your having renounced it, because everyone else can see right through that.

You want attention, eh? Well, here it is. It is sheer disdain. It is disgust that the others here have for you. I am preparing a little compendium of your increasing megalomania, but I am not doing it for you, I am doing it for everyone else. Why? Because it is really very funny. And at the same time, kind of sad.

You have made yourself the target of a joke. You are not a new Jesus. Nor are you troublesome enough to be an anti-christ. You are just another lost man, lost and angry and arrogant. In and of itself, that is OK. There are many lost men in this world who are angry and arrogant, but you have this messianic_complex that is seriously misplaced.

Most of your "wisdoms" are debatable, or they are of high-school-level complexity. Your emotional insight into others is practically nil. The main reason for this is because you do so much preaching but so little open-minded listening. Change that.

Countless persons here have said these things to you, including several others this very day. Therefore I am not naive enough to think you will give any thought to these words, even if you do read them.

I am deliberately insulting you as part of my secret plan. Had you shown a little more respect over the past six years to the others here, I wouldn't feel right doing this. I believe everyone is entitled to some reckless arrogance now and then, or even most of the time. But you - you are pure conceit, and without the goods to back it up. Worse yet, you have continually spewn venom while complaining of this very trait in others.

So, now you will be my online punching bag, until A) you make some apologies, or B) change your ways or leave this place, or C) enough other skites request me to stop (say about 10 with tenure), since I, unlike you, am capable of hearing what others have to say, or ZZZ) I get bored.

[Yeah, it's pretty crappy that I am requesting another skite to go away. I've never requested that of any skite before, except for the spammer that begot captcha. Note that I did not ever request kx21 leave. I guess Daf has become to me was kx21 was to certain others.]

For starters, you owe an apology to Zeke and Unhinged. You'll have to apologize to at least two others beyond that (note that I am not seeking an apology myself). I doubt you'll be man enough to do it. Indeed, I doubt you're even smart enough to see why you owe them one in the first place.

In the meantime, enjoy the negative attention. It will seep into your dreams. It will hang upon your mind. It will sink into your spleen, whatever the hell that means.

You will say you aren't affected, but you will be, because I will it. My will is tremendous. But I am merciful. All you have to do is quit being so poisonous, or go away and stay away, or do some apologizing... then all the bad juju will evanesce in seconds. Until then, you will gradually succumb to a creeping sense of self-loathing unlike anything you've known before. And between you and me, Daf, we both know you've felt some horrible levels of self-loathing.

You really aren't all that, "do0d".

You cannot help but feel it.
Temporary Enemy of Daf *phew* I'm already getting bored. How fortunate for everyone else. 080530
dafremen Felt good to express it though didn't it? ; )

see also: hypocrisy
They call me Truth like the waves crashing against the seashore. 080531
dafremen that's the spirit! now you're getting it! 080531
unhinged he doesn't need to apologize to me; i did call him an asshole.

i couldn't stand him when he first came around. for some reason i don't quite remember, i warmed to him. presently, i am sick of him degenerating almost every blathe he touches into name_calling and shit_raking because people don't share his beliefs.

most of all, i was a little hurt and shocked that my telling him how i felt about this has resulted in him renouncing me as a person. but, it's in line with the immature behavior so *shrugs* friends tell each other when the other is acting like an asshole and don't get all butt hurt about it. what's the point of having friends if they can't tell you that?

so whatever. go find someone to blindly follow you and feed your ego. (guess i'm not done with my last word disease)
roflmao don't_feed_the_trolls might be right, but i gotta admit it's pretty entertaining watching dafremen get his ass handed to him over and over, while he thinks he is accomplishin' somethin' 080531
sameolme I've got to agree with unhinged'
all of my friends call me an asshole.
dafremen Time, love and tenderness. That's all anyone needs. Fuck being disrespected. Life's too short and people are too common. 080531
roflmao that's hilarious. maybe someday we'll see you offer someone tenderness, 'steada just 'shitrakin' as they callit. lookit how now hes bein all semi-nice, but still puttin the blame on otherz 080531
dafremen : ) and look at how you're addressing everyone else while appearing to address me. ; ) 080601
somebody It would appear that he used one sentence to address you, Dafremen, and a second sentence to address everyone else. Feeling scorned, aren't you. Well, you're reaping what we've all seen you sow. 080601
somebody (or _s_he) 080601
dafremen I've noticed that its the petty posturing "force you to be the way i want to or look for a way to discredit you" people that use anonymous tags. If you got a name..and your points are valid..and your intentions are noble..why hide?

Seems to me that my willingness to use a name that I've kept for 30 years now says something about my commitment to what I do..AND it says something about how much I'm willing to let the opinions of others sway my own. Not one bit.

But see the whole "daf needs approval" angle that the occasional randomly anonymous scurrying insect tries to pull ..is horribly telling..when they address me..then turn to the rest of the crowd and address them.

what do they care? this is supposedly YOUR particular expression remember?

You're not fighting or garnering approval..remember?

It reminds me of those pack animals that get brave when they know they have back up...always attacking from behind.

Man no wonder this world is so fucked up. You really have no idea what you are..do you?

Oh lord..it's going to be a long 3.5 years. Tell me..you DO live within an hour of a large body of water don't you?

Please say yes.

(cue flushing sound)
They call me Truth so people who hide in anonymity is the reason the world is fucked up?


Is that your current theory?

I suppose people who use their freedom to breed negativity and conflict has nothing to do with this fucked up world?

Are we all guilty and you're innocent?
the end will never come no but he's got some insight into some strange apocalypse because of his dreams and the star charts. 080601
Temporary Enemy of Daf Dafremen calls people names, because he is a champion of free expression and they have used their free expression to question his constant use of calling others names (amongst other things). Incidentally he objects to skites selecting names of their own choice, because freedom of expression is really only palatable to Daf when he is the one employing it. This also explains his abysmal debate skills, usually consisting of ignoring the points made by others and focusing instead on calling them names, which is apparently part of his secret plan to accomplish nothing in particular.

The past several days have been replete with examples, which was one part of MY secret plan: to induce him to generate a bunch of new examples, such that others could witness his propensity for such "tactics" without my having to sift through hundreds of past blathes to make a case for it. Worked like a charm. My will is tremendous.

Remember, I do care what others here think and feel, and am willing to leave the man alone if a sufficient number of venerables here request so of me. I do not regard "free expression" as a whore with which I can have my way whenever I please... to me it is something higher than that.
Former Enemy of Daf Dafremen has met qualification "A". See: dear_dallas. My will is tremendous, but I shall not direct it further in matters pertaining to this series of incidents.

Thank you, Dafremen... and everyone else.
daf I miss you. I miss the credibility you lent to all of the words that sought (and still seek at times) to live a life of their own. Fiction is rarely stranger than truth..I wonder if it ever is.

These words are read often, with a bit of the parental pride that comes from seeing one's children succeed.

Thanks so much for that. Perhaps you'll understand one day if you don't already, but you'll never know how much it meant to me.

YOU are loved.
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