COLDandBLUEkitty there is a boy from here named ted. who no one really likes.. me nad emily wanted him to die.
he's retarded and really of no purpose.
so.. we're mean to him.
one day he yelled at emily's friend nicole because she had on the same shoes as him.. and that was SOOOO BAD because those shoes were his "trademark" soes.
so.. in his mind.. no one else could wear them.. stupid fucker.

and we saw him once sitting by himself at dennys so we went over to him and just ripped in.
we were absolute bitches. and gave him no chance to redeim himself.
before he left he came over to try and make peace. and i told him he could die and it wouldn't affect us. no peace, fucker. we don't like you.. we think your an asshole.. so.. um.. leave.. thanks.

but i called someone to catch up.. and she informed me that ted tryed killing himself like 2 weeks ago. and it wasn't like an attention suicide attempt.. god i hate those.. it was a for real one.. hence why i haven't seen him lately..
but the thing is.. is we were bitchy to him like 3 weeks ago.. and every time after that for about a week.. and we used to see him a lot!
and i am sad.. because.. what if he is a weak as i think he is.. and that totaly affected him.. eeep!
emily.. we need to be nice more often.. maybe.
stupidpunkgirl he made her cry.
she has low self-esteem too.
i was standing up for a friend.

i can't feel sorry for everybody.
he is an ass without reason.
i was mean for a reason.
i'm not usually.
it's terrible he did this.
but i can't be held accountable,
and neither can you.
bluechicken ted is my boyfriend. you bug off or i'll sic my rabbit on you. and it's mating season! he will eat you just like that rabbit from the holy grail.
"that rabbit's dynamite!"
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