Steve Means more to me then the words I could use to describe her. 020719
maybe thats not saying much "than" 020719
daxle not_tonya 020720
contemplative bird beautiful, crazy and a little bit tragic.

were it not for a miscarriage caused by what was an otherwhise minor traffic accident, she and i might well be the parents of an eleven year old

she spent a few hours in a hospital and before the attending doctor released her he had told me she had been a little over six weeks pregnant and hadn't even known it, but that she lost the baby

it's safe to assume she would have chosen to keep the baby because the news devastated her, when her roommate and i took her back to their apartment the last of her compsure fell and she cried and raged for hours and i hated the helpless feeling of being unable to console her (when she was engaged to the cheating bastard whose roaming sent her into my arms she had miscarried once before - she was a little older than me, nearly 21 when i was barely 18 - but i think i was more serious and mature back then as it was the onset of one of my sober and responsible periods)

something in her became very broken and try as i did, i never succeeded in trying to hlp her pick up the pieces

eventually she moved back to where she came from and into the arms of the family that broke ties with her for getting pregnant the first time

it would be months later before she called to say the goodbye she didn't say with her sudden decision to leave
(even her roommate had been blindsided by it, coming home from school one day to find half of tania's stuff gone and the rest boxed up with just a small note saying to sell or give away the rest and a check for enough money to cover her half of 2 more months worth of rent)
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