blueberries and raspberries he turned the key, pulled the knob for the lights, and backed up into the muddy turn around.

"take me with you!" she yelled from the porch, but he was already rolling down the gravel, and though his only passenger was the responsibility of a monday morning, there was another rider inside his head. this was the image of her, sunshine on the face and the sound of laughter, which would never leave him.
silentbob i wish i could. you'd sleep in my bed and we'd give each other full touching privelages. 020321
(purple rain) i don't care where we go
i don't care what we do
i don't care, pretty baby
just take me with U
blown cherry Running through the sunshower
Laughing in the rain
Kissing in the open

I don't care where,
don't care who anymore,
just take me with you,
away from here.
lady lunchbox i'll follow you to
the ends of the earth;
i'll ride on your coat-tails,
share in your grand adventures,
bask with you in the hot sun,
caress you in the moonlite...
the world and all it's
splendid beauty can belong
to us two,
if only you'll take me with you.
good people i wanna come... where are we going? 020322
yummyC I seem to say this an awful lot, now that i think about it.

**don't leave me! please! anything but abandoning me! I am alone! I am alone! don't make me stay here with myself! I'll drive myself mad! please take me with you.**
girl_jane You're going to sleep. Take me with you in your dreams, and I'll take you in mine. This way we'll be together in the most perfect way.

Can you feel your dreams?
pansy i'm ready
take my hand
and i will follow
lead me down to your heart
what's it to you?
who go