unhinged straight out of the jar
on bread
z for me: add lemon juice, salt and a tiny bit of curry. if you want to get fancy, you can also use orange blossom or rose petal water. 080625
unhinged i keep it in the fridge to make my own hummus. i am never going to buy that stuff from the store ever again.

i just needed something to sop up the alcohol in my tummy last night ;-)

and straight tahini, oddly and comfortingly enough, tastes reminiscent of pork fat to me. my mother used to save the bacon fat and cook eggs in it when i was a kid. no wonder i was a fat kid...but happy tastebuds nonetheless.
z ground fresh oregano, rosmary or thyme are good too. 080625
unhinged i wish i could have an herb garden; and a vegetable garden too for that matter 080625
z or za'atar for authenticity. 080625
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