me? im done, mommy. may i go home now? 991209
get to work i like tada salad 001211
Zeroshin Damn window sound. 010118
pat sajak simply tada for 010805
Zippo Tada she says, and up pops the knife.
injected, rejected
Now ends your life.
Pin the blade on the donkey
Kill the screaming monkey
All alone now
You are my doll.
Tada she says
and out comes the blade
out the otherside
spin and ride
the carousel goes round
slicing to the sound
drum beats
All alone now
Spurting red
I'll leave it now. My doll
nothing and everything
Glazed pink eyes
Tada! Suprize!
Blood magic
Death Expanding
Filling the emptiness, making you warm
making her warm.
hmmpf ta daaaa!!!
surprise! look what i made for you!
its an origami flower, see... and its blue, your favourite colour. i do remember things. aren't you even going to look at it properly? see the bit of paper sticking out? you know i might've written something for you... why don't you want to read it? don't. don't ignore me... at least keep the flower... it says happy birthday. i remembered! please... stop hating me...
white_wave why can't our microwaves say tada? ring_dings are just so outdated. Get with the the millenium, dude... 040312
white_wave i am kind of a fan of tada. i am also rather lazy since i haven't bother changing from Microsoft's default sound when my computer starts up. it sounds like a "tada_symphony". 040312
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