Death of a rose listlessly on grasping desire 031120
sans nom legs wrapped around the branch
trying not to fall
world upside down
crab apple tree
me and them
hold on don't fall
singing sunday
hymns momma in
the kitchen making relish
the sink
i was bathed in
lions guarding
the drive the way
black clouds play homes fade and sound
slithers like grass sandals wet
from mud rain a snake hiding in
the grubbly ground the worm
don't eat it don't eat the apple
don't fall from the tree
Death of a Rose bellowing across the ages, a tuneless rant, squared and shaped,
gritting my fangs against your beleagured disregard,

swinging my mace, stealth smashing.
marz legs underneath the table. little tennis shoes bouncing off the legs of the chair. 050607
what's it to you?
who go