misstree they make me purr a little deeper, make my eyes narrow a little more intoxicated... they are the ones i stalk with every skill, the ones whose polished girlness puts the heat into the hunt... oh, my precious sweetmeats, i would never harm my favorites... there is nothing to fear if you come to my side, i'll even allow an accomplice so that you don't feel so alone... there now, my sweetmeat, shall we retire to my nest? there are whole worlds i can teach you about... no worries, my precious pet, my cherished, we shall play so prettily that the whole world will sigh... 040105
Death of a Rose sugar in my meat makes for weird dreams. 040106
perrier sWeAtMeAt Is FoR nIbBlInG.

aS lOnG aNd As OfTeN aS pOsSiBle.

DiVeRsItY oF SuCh Is ReQuIrEd, HoWeVeR, oR oNe RiSkS aDdIcTiOn To A FaVoRiTe FlAvOr.
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