annie Today I went to a rally against sweatshops. Quelle revolutionary! 990317
L Quite a different thing from sweetshops. 990610
daxle everybody in sweatshops
everybody hates sweatshops
you know nike uses sweatshops
everyone uses sweatshops
everything is giving you cancer
they can't get the fire out
capitalists are killing your american dream
meat is murder; dairy is rape
kill the president
kill the government
stay in school; don't do drugs
be social, take excess classes, ignore your boyfriend/girlfriend
equal rights now
work for your status
your status is predetermined
scheherazade hmm. i definately liked the sweetshop one the best. you should have stuck these under diatribe, rant, rave or tick_all_that_apply. 010818
TalviFatin Ok. The white cotten teeshirts that are shipped to our K-marts are coming from Chinese sweatshops. They smell like it. You know, they're packaged up in those boxes, the smell sticking to them. As they're shipped, the stench cant get out, so it stays in the fabric. Ugh. I hate doing Fashion's freight when the table shirts come in. 011023
Note to self: I must learn to make my own clothing ... 060119
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