skye i had a dream last night that i was on a boat. and then someone wanted to shoot me. so i dove off the boat. and then he kept shooting me so i dodged the bullets. and then he finally hit me in the leg. and jumped into the water after me. and he was asian. and there was another asian man as well. and i have dreamed of this place before but i do not know where it is. and i asked him why he would keep shooting me when he knew i would already die. and then we swam very far away to the other side of the ocean and arrived at an island. but i don't remember if i got out of the water or not. and i know that in this same watery place i was chased and shot before. but i still don't know where it was or if it even exists. it had swimming pool lane lines and big boats and in the first dream from before there was a path that led up a ways from the shore and it went to a house. and i think that i was chased from that house as well. but i'm not really sure. and all the bullets keep swarming at me. 071029
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