phil this is not a word? 030704
girl of glass it's SURprise, dear. don't worry, we love you anyway. 030704
mon soup_prize 030704
girl of glass what kind of prized come in soup? i hope they're better that shitty crackerjack prizes. prizes in cereal have really gone downhill as well. we need to work on reviving the important american tradition of GOOD free prizes in our products. something for the poor tots to look forward to in the bleak world. what the FUCK am I bathing about? 030704
girl of glass blathe, that is. oops.

i'm certainly not bathing about anything . . . though i could use a shower.
endless desire take a shower of soup.
i personally like clam chowder.
i just had some in a bread bowl
down at the carnival along the ocean.
it was. . .entertaining at least.
but the soup made me really full.
i guess if i was going to take a shower
in soup, i'd want it to be in chicken
noodle soup. my dad makes the best
homemade chicken noodle soup.
you can have some to shower in, if you'd like.

oh and i really like your name.
the homosexual clergyman Balloons! and lots of them

and look! I've got a pin just here...
I say you over there! with the feather boa! It seems my dear brother that mother was a transvestite! They buried her last week. 030728
ramazan een hele grote leeuw 041118
harry brook your right its a name not that any one cares did you no it rymes with mill and KILL which are words 041118
Evilair surprise

something the dutch work on in the weeks before the 5th of december..

just search wikipedia for "Sinterklaas" (or St. Nicolas, but I'm not sure if that'll give you anything.. )
flowerbed on a cloud A certain friend surprises me at the moment ^^ 051203
lawl clits and dicks etc 090103
what's it to you?
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