The Truth Well, it's like natural selection, but on a spiritual scale.

Like, survival of the fittest souls.

I would copyright this theory but I am not lame. I give it to all of you.
The Truth Here is a poem/song I wrote called

"S u p e r n a t u r a l
S e l e c t i o n"

Brother stop and lend a hand
time's been doing all it can.
Hear me talk and then we're through.
Death's asleep, and coming to.

Whispers at the front door.
Tell me please it isn't war.
stars are falling from the sky,
the barren land's becoming dry.

'Cause God live's where the water is,
that includes under your skin,
it's how he knows your every move,
's how he makes us win or lose.

don't ever hear the dead cry,
you never see the wind fly,
cant ever taste a man's lie,
you never seem to care why.

the heart of love's been broken
the angels have all spoken
the skies will all turn golden
the youthful souls are stolen.

So tell me did you pass the test?
Of Love's moral_experiment?
super-natural selection plays
a role in all our next days.

[reapeat chorus]
what's it to you?
who go