bryanfrbs Oh my gosh, I love SDRE!! Jeremy uses tons of emotion in his voice and you can really feel what he's talking about when he sings. Anyway, that's all I have to say for now.... 020313
silentbob pretty 020313
blueberry OMG! There exsists somebody else out there in the universe who actually knows who they are. Who wouldn't look at my CD collection and stop at them, and look at me quizically "who are *they*?" 020313
bryanfrbs Which CD's do you have? I have all 4 of them. My faves are diary and their newest one (I just bought it and I don't remember the name of it). I've only found like 2 other people in this whole world who know who SDRE are. This world of blather is a great one.... 020314
silentbob bryan

burn me diary! and whatever else is your favorite one.

or all of them!!! :)
kill rhythm sunny day is so great. seriously. diary and how it feels are my favorites...but LP2 is good because it has 8 and 5/4 on it. get them all. the only ones i dont have are the rising tide, their most recent, and the live album. 020320
misstree hmm... i have a serious lacking in my life... a friend has a tat on her arm of a sun-like thing from one of hte album covers. *shrug* 020320
kerry that band is very, very cool. sdre... that looks pretty cool.


awesome, good band, "diary" is good... and the black one with the sun thing on it
kill rhythm the black one with the sun thing is how it feels to be something on... 020321
bryanfrbs I don't really like "how it feels to be something on" because it sounds way too much like oasis. that's just my opinion. I like diary and lp2 because of the raw sound of jeremy's voice. it's not like on how and the rising tide where he's worked on his voice for a while. pure raw emotions is what I like :) 020323
blueberry I've only got "Notwithstanding." My fav. song on it is "Sunflower." Random Napster discovery... best invention, that was, so many CD's I BOUGHT because of it... anyway, "Sunflower" got me. 020402
paste! diary is sounding just about perfect right now 020831
giff my house(that i hope to have) in Hawaii 041016
thieums There was once a little town
Where the rain always poured down
The walls were black of dust and sorrow
But the people wouldn't go.
Then one day the sun came out
Over a single house in town
The richest man about
Bought the place and brought it down
Instead he planted a tree
"What a merry place it'll be!"
A mob formed and hung him high
And the rain indeed came back.
a fools fool oh how jolly and quaint.
is it a place where you can get your teeth whitened so that you can lie through your teeth?
thy they are absolutely fantastic, wonderful, beautiful.

if anyone were to ever listen to anything ive ever blathed on about, let it be



but hey, ya might not like it,
jeremy_enigk 's voice is almost transcendental,
but very very hiiigh.

what's it to you?
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