splinken i am a little suburban chick. 000915
The Schleiffen Man suburbia is rolling someone's house and having the victims retaliate with death threats written on toilet paper, except they deliver it to your neighbors 000915
silentbob subUrbia is a fine film 000915
Brad Suburbia is parents fretting over their privliged kids, who wear hemp jewelry, smoke a lot of marijuana, and despite having it better than just about anyone their age in the world, complain about how bad they have it. The parents wonder where they went wrong. 000916
misstree just on the edge
of one of the biggest cities in the country,
driving around aimlessly
because, even in this sea of suburbia,
there's nothing to do.

rolling through towns
spotted with minimalls
and tract housing,
an endlessly dull movie set.

seeing everything the same,
and trying so hard to comprehend
what anything outside this bubble
is like

i had to leave
before it ate me alive,
and shat me out
as a pale and hollow
reflection of myself,
a functional member
of a cardboard society
unhinged being here brings all kinds of nasty thoughts to mind. i looked back on all the things that have happened to me since last labor day and how even when i'm tempted i can't pick up my blade anymore. i knew that i was in trouble when i saw him and it didn't make me hostile; my heart only leapt a little bit. i didn't even follow him with a hostile glare. i can feel it all slipping away from me. the only good thing is that i'm turning all this compassion away from humanity to my music. if i could live in a little bubble of violin playing nothing would make me happier. no stupid relationships. no caring about assinine and self-destructive people. none of it. just a violin hickey and bruch. and when i look out my window of my parent's house i can only see suburbia for miles and miles and the smell of it is like something fake but believeable. it's times like these that make me miss that sickening smell of unreality. 010906
silentbob Buff: "I'm moving out to california."

Clerk: "That's very good, they have many convenient stores there for you to stand in front of."
poet not subUrbia, but the other one, also called suburbia. movie about punks in the 80s with flea in it.

horrible acting, awesome movie. go watch it.
Big Bucks No Whammies Where the various emotional travails and angsts of the otherwise comfortable middle class are a more legitimate malady than the anxieties and madnesses that come of living paycheck_to_paycheck and hand_to_mouth by virtue of the psychotherapist's imprimatur 060327
unhinged relics_of_a_suburban_life

i really never cared for
the rat race

even from a young age
i saw it as
transparently stupid, counterproductive

at this point
i want to find a solitary retreat
high up on a mountain
as far away as i can get
from the petty cruelty
the mob mentality

and send some
out into this fucked up world
what's it to you?
who go