neophile subterfuge is about that feeling you get inside. the feeling of where am i at? what am i here for? subterfuge is your innermost being, your hopes, your feelings. subterfuge is what we all want to be, with our independence, our freedoms. our dreams. it's what drives us, compels us, to keep asking questions; to keep digging deeper, to find the answer.

if you think you know all the answers, think again. if you think you know all the questions, think again.

think three times before you speak and you will see the truth

...and the truth will set you free...

what you are looking at is subterfuge: breaking away from its true purpose, it undermines all forces of gratuitous administration, forcing the gaping bystander to close his mouth and open his eyes, to experience life as one is meant to experience it. be what one has never been before...

this is subterfuge
hyena um... i thought subterfuge was deception and trickery... says:
A deceptive stratagem or device: the paltry subterfuge of an anonymous signature

maybe i'm being obtuse, but
would you please connect point_a with point_b? it seems subterfuge is being misused, but i'd be more than happy to admit that im just an idiot.

neophile the literal meaning of subterfuge is "any plan or action used to hide or evade. a deceptive strategem or device.
that to which one resorts for escape or concealment; an artifice employed
to escape censure or the force of an argument, or to justify opinions or
conduct; a shift; an evasion."

but subterfuge is more than that. it is the attitude of many people today that needs a subterfuge or a turnaround of their beliefs. that is all i meant to convey.
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