fairydust she fell from three meter tonight. i had the perfect view, still standing, high above her. i looked down and saw her legs split and her head hit the side. she floated for a second then sank, and claire lifted her up.i couldn't see her face, but i could feel her eyes. i knew they were wide open, completely stunned. they said her eyes rolled back in her head, but for a second, i knew she was staring straight up.i took a picture, i have it in my head, of that second when she stared up, completely lost. it all must have happened in five seconds. i have a picture of one. 001107
the repeater unhinged

i like the fossilized kind set right in the center of my gothic sacrilege. sometimes i wish that there were waterfalls of it.

sweet illusion can't think straight now ...
cousin out on 20,000 U.S. dollar bail,
aunt comes asking for money.
what to do
to give the money never to be seen again
or to lose face with the family
stupid asshole
making his own fucking mistake
and now we have to pay

too shocked to think straight ...
cube you'll only lose the money if he skips bail.

personally, i'd let the moron fry. i'm all in favour of letting stupid genetic lines terminate before infecting another generation.

then i think back to younger days and the many times i could just as easily have found myself held in lawful custody.

enough of this sentimental crap! keep your money...
morphine. why do you keep on stunning me
when you know its far too much for me to handle
User24 I agree with cube. A little too much, actually. My opinions have caused me much trouble over the years 030318
what's it to you?
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