birdmad Paint a scene of the vaguely purple sky setting the precursor to sunset's last light.

Looking up Central Avenue as the building lights are coming up visible through the mirrored windows.

passing out change to the occasional panhandler on my way home from the theater, watching the moon recede into shadow, eclipsed.

Down the street, around the corner, in the direction of the County building and Madison Street Jail, staccato crack rings through the corridor_of_shadows.



and a third

people on distant sidewalks craning necks to see what's going on

no indication, no additional units called in

Whoever fired hit what they aimed for, it can be assumed.

No one on the street seemed to fall

Careful precision, i guess.

no stray bullets to mark the passers-by
unfiltered birdmad That's why... 030519
sabbie i have my bullet net and my little glass bullet jar.

be very, very quite...
we're going bullet hunting
Marin and Tommy doctor, he puts everything up his nose 030520
Doar i felt sorry for the little cute bullet, continually seeking a gun to call his own. i just wanted to cradle it in my arms and let it know that someday it would be able to mortally wound some living thing just the same as all it's brethren. it was all i could do to walk away and not shed a tear for all the other little bullets just waiting to be shot. 050706
dot kmfdm 050706
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