typhoid some believe that humans don't inherently possess consciousness, but only gain consciousness from the plants that they eat.. 000423
miniver Who needs you?

I could always tell the Carpet People,
like I used to do.

(You know, before numbers, it was the days of the week -- "Tuesday", in particular. And now, I think, it's all parentheses and pathetic masculine rhyme. Forward or backward, or nowheremuchatall?)
Raina can I borrow your attention for a moment?
and weave tales of great warriors, para-Universes and
Verses of love lost and regained?
I promise it won't be of the bedtime variety.
Unless you want to be tucked in.
loch "I miss you" when you were last here, words from the serious girl. Naked in vulnerability. Sincere in lack of thought; "whatwasthequestion? What was the topic?" I have river stone eyes and a reflection of The Fallible Boy.Was it right to write this here? 040821
infp was it wrong to write this here? 040822
. between black and white is grey. 040822
pete i like the ottawa story tellers, especially when they reciet bits of the mahabarta (the longest written story in the world, i'm sure) 040822
loch perhaps it was...but like everthing else, after time we begin to care a little less, looking back i wish i had taken more chances. 040828
no buckin sense take a chance...
it's never too late.
life is short.
loch funny, how in the moment it can seem so long though. Later perspective must add three years. like mirrors that make you look fatter? 040828
dream psychoanalyst spinnig, weaving, rumplestiltskin

i know your name, i know, i know

and tell me again, won't you? yes, tell me again, please?

and i shall listen as you gather in the wool of my dreams and weave it into your imagination.
what's it to you?
who go