Photophobe I've told you to leave me be.
I've told you I'm not interested.
I can understand it if you had a crush on me.
But you've had it for 9 months, and still won't get over it.
I never talk to you if I can help it.
I aviod you where I can - its not that I hate you, or even dislike you.

I just can handle your obsession.

I turn the corner and you're there, waiting. I go to my house and you're parked outside.

I have converstaions with people and you butt in answering for me - and somehow you're correct.

How the hell did you know eg: that the reason I wasn't going to the party was because I had to babysit. I NEVER TOLD YOU THAT; WHO TOLD YOU?

Its not that I care if you know meaningless crap like that. But its REALLY FUCKING SCARY, on a number of levels:

(a) Why would you want to know meaningless details of my life?

(b) How did you find them out? Do you spend all your spare time collecting Blake trivia?

(c) If its such an interesting hobby of yours, wouldn't it be a hell of a lot easier to ask me about the meaningless trivia to my face?

I'm not scared that you're going to snap and stab me in an alley. Not much.
I'm not scared of what you might find out about me, and how you could use it to blackmail me - you have little to no credibility, and I have little to no secrets.

But I do find it terrible oppressive to know that you're going to be everywhere I go. That I never know when you're going to turn up in the same bar as me or parked in some street I turn into.

Everyone who knows you have just told me this is a normal thing for you to do - fixate on one guy. Admittedly its never been this long, but surely you'll move on soon enough.

I have to do something - I don't know what. I've tried to tell you this, but you took no notice. I'm just worried that one day it'll be too much for me - I'll be drunk on my way home and I'll take a fist to your head.

Please go away.
josie ::ouch:: 020125
oscar dead_souls 020125
cube Change your cologne. It's all about pheromones, you know :-)
Photophobe Thanks dude. I'll try that. Not sure cologne is going to make a difference.

She bought tix to a rock fesival for $200 from a scalper because she heard I was going.
She didn't see me there at all though :) There were 57,000 people there there was no way in hell she'd ever find me.

I'm so over this. Surely her phone bill is piling up too many messages a day.
my head is burning from the inside I didn't buy the ticket because you were going to be there. I knew there would be 57000 other ppl there as well. Sheesh!

You know, you could always stop sleeping with me.
j_blue i cant help it, i still think of you

i dont want you to forget about me

so you see me at times, wherever you might be

is it so bad to remember me?
Photophobe_likes_swearing_today She's followed me to blather.

/ The End 020220
sotto voce i dread the day's blooper reel that plays in my head before i go to sleep. 020312
werewolf to the voice that keeps telling me to change but never itself changes,
where are we going with this?
not a stalker i'm sorry 050109
blown cherry how dare this page reappear just when my searing pain is reaching breaking point

(no offense not a stalker)
yoursoulisanemptykitchen how dare it? 050318
smurfus rex ::
it should be easy
as easy as when you stop
wanting me bad

~Conjure One, "Tears From the Moon"~
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