silentbob the kind of thing that for me only heartbreak and global terrorism slash apocalyptic mumbo jumbo can yield 010913
lost well for me that and when i have a dip in my mouth of some cheap brand and i swallow my spit. im gonna quit soon. i swear. it's gonna be hard but im gonna 010913
monadh death lay
in arms calling out
i am
the flicker source of soul flew onwards
a butterfly in May
blue eyes fading into another dream

pain grows
shadowing the dawn
the crunching crushing twisting turning
i looked and he was gone

no more sweet siamese meows
so precious few
kerry whenever you say something that hurts me.. 011223
SpinSugar64 Confusion and thinking way too much about what someone said.
I want to live with you.
"I'm afraid we'd get too used to eachother and things would fade."
Our relationship is changing he said
"how? is that a good thing or a bad thing?"
I still get excited when I see you, we're just getting used to eachother, comfortable, the fireworks are fading. I usally think that's a bad thing, but not with you.
"I'm new to all this."

I lay on the floor with him a moment longer, undress and crawl into bed.
He leaves me after I dress in my robe and walk him to the door.

I love you
"sweet dreams"

nothing but a stomachache all day
no reason the medication inhibits acid production and has side effects of bad stomachaches
it's strange irony of which i'm not a fan
seems strange too to take more medication to soothe the effects of the previous medication
i miss health
Bree It started in my kidneys.

Then I was throwing up last nights dinner.

Then came the stomach juice because there was no food left.

Then the blood.

It hurt.
what's it to you?
who go