Mahayana come to me now to end this consuming pain
bringing what my heart desires to be brought:
be yourself my partner in this tranquility

[she was entombed within the underworld thus becoming the Still-Heart, nevertheless, a soul shall always remain alive and ever watchful]
sahba still motionless meaningless lifeless unpurposefull
yeah thats me
oldephebe although my eyes are almost empty alters..somewhere i still harbor a hope that the sky will send me a true and chaste love...someone so spiritual she's almost ethereal...not exactly wearing a diaphanous gown and still exuding a non-prurient sensuality, hovering 3 inches above the ground as she skims along the sin encrusted surface of this world..but still..i'd like a simple chaste spiritual kind of love at this point in my journey...i don't want to wait until i'm lying on a cot in a humble tenement hospice where nurses and caregivers huddled around fearlessly around the dying, bending fiercly towards those now helpless as infants in deaths' grasp and I look into holy eyes w/o bursting into flames and there in the doorway is death standing tall and guant with white hair, smirking..amused at the absurd irony of the scene...yeah...
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