whitechocolatewalrus you are not my dad
you are not my dad
you are NOT my dad
i don't fucking love you
love you, no
i won't come hug you
i won't
don't make me do things
i don't want to do
i love my dad
never ever ever tell me
that you are my dad
your voice
at the top of your lungs
i see her crying
not willing to give up
you make her weaker
every day
what have you done to my mother?
she can't even look at you
without fear in her eyes
when was the last time
i saw her happy?
i can't even sleep at night
without locking my door
i can't even sleep
you are not my fucking dad
how dare you even talk to me
look at what you have done
to my family.
Death of a Rose . 040131
walrie [he doesn't hit her, or me, sorry if this is implied.] 040131
Doar no it wasn't. i just wanted to mark this page 040131
devalis I've always wondered why the prefix "step" is applied to such a title.

Right now I'd like to believe it means one step down. Or, better yet, someone who your mother marries in order to step -stomp- on your heart.
walrie i didn't hate you the last time i saw you. 070306
yeah its me i have a step-father, but i supposse i can count myself very lucky; he's a great guy.
he's supported me in everything i want to do and always makes me feel like im his real son, tells everyone he meets that im his "boy". i was 13 when i first started to live with him, my mother had remarried him 2 years before. at first i hated him but then we just got along, it took a lot of work.
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