ClairE No need to tell me it's self_evident,
because I believe I know more about it
than you ever would
if you even bring it up.

Do you know how closely the words
mythologize and condescend
are related? No need again
to list boy after boy
and then declaim your
sole ex_girlfriend to me,
standing silently in the distance,
swaying like an ash.

Starved for myth. Yes, I want
a captive audience,
I want to shout out "fuck"
and tread the boards loudly
in front of them,
shake my cape and make them cry

and even more, plant a seed
in their heart
in their tongues
in the back of their stomachs.

Why not enchant my speech with the word insidious? It's a blessing, you see.
Grant suspension_of_disbelief.
Grow faith in me.
For an hour, let's believe I can write a happy_ending for us.
pandora if it's scary is it happy? 040322
... the story is too scary for people, why don't you write a Disney tale? 040322
sab the world is crying out for stories

they have al been covered over
they have all been wiped away

humans need the stories
so that they dont go insane.

the stories change and evolve,
you cannot silence the arcetypes
but theyre getting harder and harder to recognise
in all this din.
what's it to you?
who go