nomme instantly stopped i probably could've counted the drops with my tongue
they say it'll burn till the snow falls
my heart is full of ashes
andrew You used to make the rain come out of happiness....
then you made it come out of sorrow...
but now the rain doesn't come at all...
All the flowers have died of thirst...
I might be next
f someone made me feel alive
then dead
now i live a meaningless existence
constantly trying to fingd a meaning
checking in opened draws
but never finding the truth
i paint my room yellow
but inside is a dark well
i dance to the music of colour
it helps the time
but when time is just a concept
i am floating
i am missing the truth i found in you.
nomatter I ran outside and danced in circles, just like I always imagined. He left a message while I was outside, to let me know it was raining. 031005
no reason my umbrella
we're not strong enough
please stop
sorry X And so this love
that somehow in the wasteground brazier of now
burns so bright
will one day flicker and hiss
as the raindrops of time
fall upon us in the cooling night.

And so if these small times
are all we'll ever have,
this Now at least is blessed.

We may never sail that houseboat,
or ride across the desert
in a hired car,
and I must learn to cherish you
not for what i want you to be
but for what you are.
devalis I had always thought it poetic when he said he "rained". I was impressed and wanted it more. The rain, I mean, I wanted more rain. Just because it sounded so good that way. Because when he rained over the phone it was for me, whether out of happiness or saddness. It meant he was mine.

The rain falls no more. And still.. my flowers bloom.
x the night before last, and it hasn't really stopped since then 031201
quinn it started to rain
as she walked home
her lashes already held tears
and her face dripped with their wetness
the rain washed away her tears
but it couldnt wash away her pain
notme i was drawing the mountain 040503
pencil were you :)
pete smooth motions,
strokes on empty canvas,
erasing the peace,
as drops
spread my chaos
through a multitude
of media
and filling
a silent hour,
forsaken no doubt
by the angels of glory
and liesure,
with a silent
self depreciating chant
of losing
my love
on the
toss of
the dice,
simple drops
filling my canvas
my blank page,
with all margin lines erased
by hollow
thoughts unable
to be articualted in simple passages
and rhyme,
a curse of rhetoric
and rhetorical thoughts,
fades into your oblivion,
that smiling sun,
laughing behind the thin clouds
of his delightful shower,
and it started to not rain,
and the clouds faded
as did my dreams.
suicidalchinadoll stop drop and roll
when the rain sears like bites of acid, and burns through your clothing more surely than a liquid fire.
but how to stop a chemical burn

monee the_fire 041228
pencil someone was drawing a mountain, it's funny how people draw things, i mean i do too, it's just why, it's fun i suppose. 070712
Doar it tasted somewhat like a translation from the cuban authorities.

and all they showed me was the white,
and it gave me flash backs.
what's it to you?
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