Q Ode to Alice (another) and Her Starfish

Alice (another) has a little Starfish,
Her eyes the deepest blue.
And everywhere that Alice (another) goes,
Starfish's sure to be.

Alice (another) is a writer,
Her words the brightest clear.
And anywhere that Alice (another)'s words do flow,
Starfish's very, very lucky.

And so are we!

Copr. 2000
marjorie Could You Love A Starfish?

If I could
I would cut off my arm
And use it to reach inside of myself
To tear out my heart
And throw it behind me
Out of my way
And yours

I would revel in this liberty
Not worrying what you think of me
Or what I feel for you
Whether its rejection
Or loves waves crashing
Onto my unprotected head

If I could
I would
Be estrella del mar
The star of the sea
In entirety.

To feel so empty
Would make me free
I would dwell in my dream
Anchored at sea
And maybe someday
If fate was kind
Id become
Your infinity.
Like you are mine.
Effingham Fish Made a difference to that one. 011204
sabbie lay down in a queen sized bed.
spead your arms and legs widewidewide,
to almost the corners
when the other occupant comes to bed, grin and sing:

"always was a starfish girl,
thought it was a good solution"
gatorbabe i thought it was a cornflake girl... but that's okay because i like starfish alot better. i remember one halloween? episode of the simpsons when they dressed maggie up in a starfish suit... it was so adorable. 020425
gatorbabe very early one morning my uncle made me and my brother go crabbing with him at the pier on vanness and i dragged my cousin out of bed so he could suffer along with us, it's only fair since it was his dad making us go. we were racing to the end of the pier to keep warm when from out of the sky dropped this bright orange starfish. i looked up and i swear i could hear the seagull going, "fuck, i dropped my breakfast." and cussing at the wind. a falling starfish. and then more scavenger birds flocked in and started pecking at the poor thing, so i pushed it with my toe back into the water. i wonder if fishies make wishies. hm... i just thought that was neat. and it made being up and outside at that ungodly hour bearable until i sat on a mini puddle of gull diarrhea. 020425
hhhhh have no brains; this is why patrick_star is dumb. 061105
flowerock I found a realive starfish on the beach today. The starfish looked unreal, but upon poking it was soft and living! I scooped it up with the sand beneath it and returned it to the sea. It now occurs to me that it might have made it home just fine when the tide came in and back out. 140201
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