black-dyed gel product I have neither the stamina nor the time to post as much as some of you do on blather. I'd like to, but I just can't. This evening is the first time I've posted on blather in a few days. I'd like to post every evening, but unfortunately I end up sleeping sometimes. All I know right now is that I don't want to go back to work this summer, but I have to. I'd rather blather. Goddammit, blather is like a cult without a leader; you get sucked in without any promises and stay because you have nothing else. If I were a more organized person, I'd post all the time, even though I don't have much to say. Maybe if I can get my head straight, I'll let you people into my mind for a while. However, most of the time I don't even like to be there. 010617
In_Bloom I've got it
No choice but to let it run
Words pass in one ear and out the other
Even my tears have no sting left to them
Pretend to yourself I feel your crushing weight
The small thing behind my eyes clicks away
It sizes you up as you imagine you're tearing me down
Go ahead and try
I've got stamina
I've made it so
In_Bloom And here I am
Still pushing
Wanting so badly to have something worth trusting in to receive a lifetime of my good intents and love
Some days I want to just say
"Fuck it all"
what's it to you?
who go