paste! he comes from constantinople and he's known to wander the hazey alleys distributing moths to the puddles. he says the ripples give him the heebie jeebies "in a good way" and that it makes the vodka-infused beanbags cover his head snugger. he whistles "the neutral eskimo song" more than twice a day and there are photos in his pockets of many geese on the railroad just snacking on pretzels. squinch evaporated one day down here at the laundromat when he catapulted asparagus into all of our whites like a mad archer. yep, he's gone solo, fierce, yet we still crave his antics wide teethfully. 011219
Mahayana: Zakah: Sangha Jewels of Refuge Grinch
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Thats a total Dr. Seuss ripoff. Which is sad cause A 031203
A Ahem. What I meant to say was:

That's a total Dr. Seuss ripoff. Which is sad, cause Dr. Seuss already sucks in a major way, which makes anyone who tries to copy him... well, something for which there is no word to describe the sheer lameness of.
brain stew *gasp*

whoever calls dr.seuss lame has either spent their childhood surviving on cheerios and living in a broom cupboard or has no imagination. yes yes i know its a free world and everyone has the right to an opinion but MAN that's just INSANE!
Tourist Find a copy of The Secret Art Of Dr. Suess, or Check out an Old Private Snafu training film. 'Nuf Said. 150417
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